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Upscale Living Magazine is a luxury lifestyle publication produced since the Winter of 2004. It is recognized as the world’s luxury portal offering a wealth of unsurpassed luxury; from the coast of Capri to fashion week in NYC.

Upscale Living Magazine features the best in fashion, fine jewelry and timepieces, real estate, home interiors, wine, spirits & cigars, culinary, travel & destinations, hotel reviews, luxury automobiles, yachts and jets, and all elements of a life well-lived. We bring you the best luxury goods, services and trends in today’s industries, reflecting upon unparalleled understanding of the passion and pursuits of its discerning readers.


Exclusivity — We are the premiere lifestyle publication accessible to our discerning audience showcasing captivating and informative articles highlighting arts and culture, fashion and beauty, home designs and architecture, travel and destinations, culinary delights, luxury gadgets, automobiles, yachts and jets, and so much more!

Compelling —  Upscale Living Magazine’s writers, contributors, photographers and fashion editors combine their talents to ensure we remain the leading magazine in today’s market unparalleled in excellence.

ValuableUpscale Living Magazine reflects consistent high quality throughout each issue. It’s glossy pages and hard cover display excellence becoming a “Go-to” Coffee Table Book for our discerning readers. We also offer the ability to target a specific audience making sure their message will always find a receptive reader.

Long LastingUpscale Living Magazine has a shelf life unlike many direct response advertisements, bringing exceptional exposure for each printed copy, and produces results for many months beyond its issue date.

Upscale Living Magazine delivers unparalleled distribution within our selected regions and throughout the most upscale Locations. We engage our discerning audience through out website, digital platform, photo galleries, video libraries, blogs, calendar of events, where to shop and much more!


Want to know more about us? Send us an email publisher@upscalelivingmag.com or call us at 786-760-9133 or 630-980-6570

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