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Andrea Pivetta Prestigious Italian tech-designer

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Andrea Pivetta Prestigious Italian tech-designer


Andrea Pivetta Prestigious Italian tech-designer

Sound and form are the basis of futuristic design that brought the prestigious Italian tech-designer Andrea Pivetta to create and explore original paths in the realization of his creations.

The music, an art essentially invisible and immaterial, founds a world of objects. In the music does not count only the sound, but everything that revolves around it. And what music is – as is played, distributed and listened – takes shape through design, creating not only an atmosphere that can amplify the impact of music from the psychological and emotional point of view, but also a collective memory.
His professional philosophy goes towards the realization of products that want to meet the needs of the customer for which the process of creation is unique and handmade.

Andrea Pivetta tech-designer

Among his ideas, “Opera Only”, is undoubtedly a new and fantastic combination of sophisticated technology and artistic avant-garde that has never before been applied in the field of High-End Audio.

Visually, the Amplifier appears to be a piece of Art rather than just audio equipment.

The external structure is made of aircraft aluminum and the openings or connections are not visible from the outside, and if he or it is switched on, we feel the “Phoenix from the ashes” equivalent – the spectacular act of awakening, which you just have to experience personally. When turned off, it is an impressive black 12-sides prism 1.25 x 1.9 x 1.25 m (4.1 x 6.2 x 4.1 ft), 1,500 kg (3,307 lb), but its structure changes completely once the device is turned on (1.85 x 2.5 x 1.85 m (6 x 8.2 x 6 ft). It is divided into six distinct sections to reveal all the electronics at a glance. Suddenly you have the impression that you are looking into the technology space.

Andrea Pivetta tech-designer

This unquestionably gorgeous state of the art amp features six 30 kW triple-insulated toroidal transformers, 2,112 high current bipolar transistors, half a dozen fan coolers to keep running temperature under control, 24 analog (RCA/XLR) inputs and six digital, 12 output channels, and 192 speakON connections. It’s  capable of producing an awe-inspiring 160,000-watts max of power ( the specs show output configurations of 2 x 60,000 W RMS, 6 x 20,000 W RMS or 12 x 10,000 W RMS), and has been designed to handle any speaker load.

“Opera Only” is assembled to order and will take around 8 months to construct. The asking price? A cool €1.65 million (about US$2.2 million) undoubtedly is the biggest, most powerful and most expensive Amplifier in the world.

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