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The Beautiful and Unique of Art Mosaic Factory


The Beautiful and Unique of Art Mosaic Factory


The history of mosaics dates back thousands of years including the glory days of the Roman and Byzantine Empires. Assembling small pieces of colored or mirror glass, marble, shells, stone and other materials to create decorative patterns remains an intricate process even in the 21st Century.

Based in Ravenna, Italy, SICIS, The Art Mosaic Factory takes creativity to new heights with innovative, whimsical and experimental mosaics. Established in 1987, the company designs unique, modern and aesthetically appealing works of art in coverings, furniture, icons, sculptures, cushions, lamps, and other accessories.

Artistic collections include Murano Smalto, Glass3, Metallismo, Water Glass, Basic, NeoGlass, Colibri, Flower Power, Bathtub & More, Pin Up, Rug, Cosmati, OrienTale, Portrait and Mediterranea.

Colibri, for example, sparkles with precious metals in 24-karat gold, silver and platinum.

Flower Power bursts forth with gigantic flower mosaics that afford a dramatic, even “groovy” look in black and white, or vivid red, yellow, blue, green and purple. These flowery pieces may be ideally positioned in the foyer, above a fireplace, behind a sofa or even in the bathroom.

The Mediterranea Collection looks stunning in an upscale swimming pool setting. Playful Glass3 in sea blue or lawn green enhances any shower or bath area.

Murano Smalto perks up walls, pools and showers with artfully done tiny pieces of mosaic glass. Comprised of distinctive mosaics in the form of a “floor throw rug”, SICIS’s Rug collection bears recognizable names such as Cezanne, Degas and Renoir. NeoGlass shows flashes of inspiration as room dividers and floors. The Basic group is far from basic. While the designs may look simply, they are eye-catching additions to any terrace, entryway, living room or den.

For those who want to immortalize the famous, infamous, family members or just yourself, choose an over-sized “Portrait” in mosaics. Undoubtedly conversation pieces, the sculptures are life-size or larger than life mannequins in head to toe mosaics in striking poses. Lamp sculptures project a sense of humor with mannequin lamps topped off with huge hats, or a tiptoe lamp of a colorful mosaic leg on tiptoe. Harkening back to the 1940s and 1950s days of the “in-up girl”, the Pin-Up grouping of mosaics is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Flagship stores (showrooms) were launched in fashionable capital cities of the world: Milan, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Rome, Moscow, Dubai and New Delhi. Shop for treasures SICIS mosaics in Chicago, Scottsdale AZ, Ramsey, NJ and Savannah, GA.


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