Summertime in Boston is a bustling time full of eager tourists and constant commotion. Sometimes taking a leisurely stroll around Boston can leave one feeling tired, hot and sticky. Why not skip to the chase and wet your lips on some of these summertime indulgences at a spot  where you can simply sit and watch the world bustle by? 

A classic, cool martini or an extreme fusion of tantalizing flavors transformed into an exotic cocktail can cleanse the palate and turn a flurry of problems into a time of relaxation. Freshly dipped chocolate strawberries are always a fast solution to a sweet craving. Here are some options to help take you to a better place away from the heat of the bustling summer.

Not Just Your Average Pub Town

Sonsie, located on Boston’s historic Newbury Street, offers an eclectic, trendy atmosphere that has enticed both celebrities and weary travelers alike. Dine and be seen as award-winning chef Bill Poirier serves delicacies from their Grilled Asparagus Prosciutto Bundle with Fried Mozzarella and Yellow Tomatoes, to their Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding with Chantilly cream, covered in a chocolate drizzle.

Enjoy their aromatic mango martinis or one of their arrays of infused fruit cocktails.  This trendy venue offers both intimate settings, as well as an upbeat tempo of cool jazz in the background. You can drink and people watch in their summertime patio or enjoy a quiet, intimate meal in their formal dining room.

Looking for a classic answer to your summertime cravings? The Oak Room in downtown Boston offers a step back in time to the British Officer’s Clubs of the Orient.  Elaborately decorated and adorned with dark wood paneling, The Oak Room has been revered as the best hotel bar in Boston.

Whether it is live music or smooth jazz echoing their interior, The Oak Room offers an array of top-shelf liquor and a variety of classic and innovative martinis. The experience takes you back in time and lulls you and your drink into a pleasant state of relaxation.

Worth every penny, both Sonsie and The Oak Room offer an alternative to your typical martini bar.  Exquisite food and a wide variety of wines and spirits selection are only the beginning of the experience.  Whether you prefer the upbeat, trendy setting of Sonsie, or the intimate settings of the 40s-inspired Oak Room, each venue is merely a taste of what Boston has to offer any aficionado.


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