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Brett Johnson Collection


Brett Johnson Collection


Brett Johnson is not creating fast fashion. The pieces in his eponymous collection are well thought out, immaculately tailored, decidedly timeless in construction and modern in cut.

“The doors are opening very fast for a company that has just been open for one year,” says Johnson whose collection was just picked up by fashion retailer Neiman Marcus for fall 2014. One notable moment of success came last summer, where the brand held a trunk show and the stock of winter coats sold out in moments, in the midst of a heat wave in July.

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The menswear collection of apparel and shoes are cohesive in exuding a calm, cool confidence. This is not unlike Brett Johnson himself, who downplays his success, speaks with a great respect, and elicits an effortless certainty about the path that he is on. He has a discreet drive that is less focus on ostentatious success of many brands today. Within a few minutes spent with him, it is evident that he is dedicated to the quality and vision necessary to create a lasting brand.


He travels to Florence seven times per year to hand select all of the materials for his collection. He has chosen to have his clothing constructed in Florence because this is where the world’s most exquisite clothing is celebrated and crafted. He is interested in art, not spectacle, and this is the place that has produced great art for hundreds of years.


He could very well be living in a NYC high rise, but chooses to live in Virginia, because as he says, “the quiet life suits me”. But his life isn’t quiet like you may imagine. Fashion is his priority, but he is also involved with the music and film industries. He is a producer on The Butler starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey, among other big name projects. The choice to reside in his hometown only adds to his authenticity.  Brett Johnson is a class act with an edge – the same can be said of his designs.









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