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Dove Grey Bags by British brand BAIA

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Dove Grey Bags by British brand BAIA


Dove Grey Bags by British brand BAIA 

As well as ready-to-buy, Baia offers a bespoke service, with a wide choice of leather, lining and color to choose from that gives an individual final product that is personalized to your taste. 

“For me, designing a bag is a dual process, it has to look great, but it also has to be successfully functional. It’s as much a construction plan as it is an aesthetic decision. Sometimes it’ll be a color or shape that catches my eye, others a silhouette or a texture”. Susy Brown, Designer & Founder, Baia

BAIA Dove Grey Bags

This stunning brand it’s the perfect accessory must-have for any fashionista alike. For more information, visit www.baiabags.co.uk

BAIA Dove Grey Bags

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