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Ginger & Jagger, handcraft furniture and décor artefacts


Ginger & Jagger, handcraft furniture and décor artefacts


Give your interiors lustrous new additions with contemporary nature-inspired furniture.

When Ginger & Jagger was launched in Europe three years ago, the brand decided to handcraft furniture and décor artefacts that embodied its design ethos: to push the boundaries of creativity. River washed pebbles, leaves, branches and twigs – nature was Ginger & Jagger’s strongest muse. The brand has artfully segued into nature to imbibe its essence. And as evidenced by the Earth-to-Earth collection, it has creatively balanced the inspiration to work with luminous metal, marble and wood and fashion them into incredibly beautiful pieces. The collection blends myriad materials into an eclectic whole and kicks things up a few notches on the style scale. The engaging, audacious designs were soon handpicked by French fashion house Dior. Today, Ginger & Jagger has a home in three new flagship international showrooms in Shanghai, Riyadh and Moscow, as well as Harrods Home Selection. www.gingerandjagger.com.


Leaf Mirror – The Leaf series mirror framed in gold hue, is made from leaves molded in brass casting, resembling a sumptuous crown.

120417_G&J_Pebble Stool_Side Table (2)

Pebble Stool – Resembling stacking pebbles, the Pebble Table imbues a sense of harmony. The blend of natural exotic wood with hammered metal reflects balance in nature.


Walnut Wardrobe – The woodwork of the walnut, made with inlay marquetry technique evokes the first rays of sunshine passing through the branches. The unique door handles are made from tree branches in brass casting mold.

130118-22_G&J_Ananaz Side TableCoffee Table

Ananaz Tables – The pineapple texture is reinterpreted in a tri-dimensional geometrical pattern with a seductive and alluring marble top. The piece creates a subtle dance between light and shadow, transparency and lightness, hardness and softness.


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