Every year, Anatara Hotels hosts an elephant polo tournament called the King’s Cup in the seaside town of Hua Hin.  Due to the charity tournament’s overwhelming popularity, the luxury hotel magnate is moving the tournament to Thai’s capital city of Bangkok where the event will be held at Siam Polo Park at VR Sports Club.  The purpose of the tournament is to raise awareness and funds for the many elephants that “work” and live in Thailand and other SE Asian countries.


Many “unemployed” elephants are left to fend for themselves which can often mean wandering busy tourist cities for ten hours at night and only finding rest in small patches of greenery within the city. The exhausted animals often find themselves without water or shelter from the elements.  These magnificent animals have so much to offer their home countries and Anatara Hotels have made it a passion of theirs to raise funds and awareness that will see that the elephants have the opportunity to survive.  The money they raise is donated to organizations that provide a safe jungle like home for the elephants, clinical and nutritional care, and training as therapy animals to autistic children, as well as educational programs to the local community.  Another project Anatara Hotels oversaw, thanks to funds raised by the polo tournament, was the planting of 4,000 trees to create a solution to the elephant/farmer conflict in Kui Buri.

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The tournament, in its 13th year, welcomes 50 street elephants that will be provided with essential care, and 16 teams made up of over 50 players. The players include: Thai supermodels, professional horse polo players, the New Zealand All-Blacks rugby team, and Thailand’s famous transgender cabaret team Miss Tiffany’s.  The four day event will have something for everyone including: a delightful opening parade, a Children’s day, a Ladies’ day, and many other elephant related activities to entertain the entire family.

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