After 20 years as an investment banker, Landria Onkka made a radical change.  She switched her focus from private equity to Women’s Fashion and Interior Design. Ms. Onkka was kind enough to share her journey and its reward with Upscale Living Magazine.

“People usually don’t make big moves in their life until there is a tipping point or major shift.  Mine was the death of both my parents and my beloved Jack Russell all in a short period.  As I was going through my parents’ home, I read notes and diaries that reflected unfulfilled dreams.  Although I have lived a full, exciting life as a model, pro cheerleader, writer, investment banker, worked on Capitol Hill, traveled and lived overseas, I felt that there was more to achieve.  So, when I returned to Atlanta, I published that book that I had been writing for two years (The Rooftop Christmas Tree available on and movie releasing in 2015). In conjunction, I launched the business that I was always so passionate about, and it no longer included finance.”


“My clients are super achievers.  I can relate.  While running my investment banking business and traveling, I had little time to focus on myself or my home.  I used to shop for clothes and accessories in New York as I was hoofing it to my next meeting.  I would put on my tennis shoes and hit the stores on the way, get back into my heels, and get to my next appointment.  In the evenings, I was at dinner meetings or back on a plane.  I would throw work or charity related parties for over 100 people at my home that included pro athletes, entertainers, and prominent entrepreneurs.  The house and the event needed to be perfect.  It was a lot to take on, but I loved doing all of it.  Not everyone feels that way.”


Park Avenue Group LLC provides high-end women’s accessories with a twist.  “I wanted to do something unique and specialized.  People that I have known throughout my investment banking career are now my clients – business owners, Wall Street executives, investors, entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, and high net worth families.  They value trusted relationships, loyalty and personalized, impeccable service.   My clients can simply go online to make purchases at or utilize Park Avenue Group’s free Private Shopper service.  I will personally assist in suggesting or creating a special accessory, working directly with my designers.  In addition, we track special dates for our gentlemen clients, provide a reminder and gift selection.  I will provide an item from my inventory, or have a piece specially designed whether it is a purse, necklace, ring, bracelet, belt or another request.  With an approval from the client, that gift is beautifully wrapped and sent to its happy recipient.  Our clients, such as our NASCAR teams and pro athletes, travel often and with a text or phone call request, I will have a gift waiting for a special gal at a specified destination.  I handle the details, free of charge, and clients can put their Assistants to better use and maintain privacy.

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Another private service that Park Avenue Group provides is ‘Shop Park Avenue,’ a shopping event that brings our merchandise to homes, businesses, events, or private parties.  It is another service free of charge that my clients can use privately or to complement an event, including non-profits where I donate a portion of the proceeds.  Perhaps a private gal party is in order.  I reward the hostess with gifts from my collection.”

Park Avenue Group LLC provides interior design to the Southeast and Women’s Accessories and gifts throughout the U.S. and overseas. .  Contact Landria Onkka at or 678.362.0804 to be added as a Private Client and for Private Shopper service.

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