Lon Patrick Michels was born in Marquette, Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Puckaway, to a fifth generation stonemason and an artist. Michels graduated from Ripon College in 1984 with a B.A. in Fine Arts, Anthropology, and sociology, and later moved to New York City as a working artist. His breakthrough occurred when he was hired by the late sculptor Louise Nevelson with whom he worked for five years.


Growing up, Michels floral’s work was greatly influenced by the work of his father who taught Michel how to do line work and dressed stones in floral patterns, and influenced by the Milwaukee heritage of his mother and Milwaukee art, Michel was bound to be a very talented artist.

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Michel’s bright colors and intricate patterns often found in his work had gained him recognition for his unique style leading to his nomination for the Joan Mitchell Award in the Spring of 2007. “As an artist I want to create timelessness, a presence… I approach each piece as if it were a true masterpiece that catches the twinkle in my eye as if it were going to be placed in a museum.” He was quoted saying. Looking upon Lon Michels’ work, it is easily noticeable how well Michels blends the contrast of vibrant, warm colors darker, cool colors in his artwork. His amazing incorporation of floral patterns, history, culture, and religion has your eyes drawn to the uniqueness and beauty of each individual piece.


Michels spectacular art style is truly unique and such a visual treat to the eye. The repetition of color easily captivates the viewer, making it difficult to want to look away. When going on exhibitions, Michels always brings out his best work for his displayed gallery. He has had quite a few exhibitions throughout North America and soon will be having another on October 26, 2013, in the Uptown District of Palm Springs, California at his new studio location where you can view his previous work and witness Michels and his partner Todd, create new pieces in an open studio. Michels will be sharing the beauty and vision of his artwork to all who visits. Giving a great opportunity to experience the creation of such beautiful masterpieces.

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