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Luxury Submarines


Luxury Submarines


Traveling below sea has always being a luxury for the elite who are on the constant lookout for travelling to exotic destinations to get away from it all. Nowadays, the most popular luxury submarines have given us an insight into the most popular designs in modern times. Now the concept has gone commercial albeit with the extra price tag, to bring this exotic touring method to the other consumers, by hiring these luxury submarines for their odyssey under the sea.

The following three luxury submarines come to mind, which provide a glimpse into some of the services they provide, which allows you to explore the deepest waters under the sea.

Deep Flight Challenger Submarine – This submarine was built as an experimental model created by Steve Fossett. Unfortunately, he was not able to go on the adventure trip due to his untimely death. He was set to attempt the world record for the deepest solo dive at 37,000 feet below sea level. This watercraft has amenities to support 24 hours of life without contact with external source of air and has an endurance to go to an ocean’s full depth and back on surface within 5 hours, going up or down at a rate of 350 feet per minute at a 45 degree angle.

Triton 36000 Submarines – This submarine had to be the best in both concept and design. James Cameron’s interiors were to commercially create Triton 360000 for exploring waters, especially near New Zealand. This was his childhood dream. The submarine is known to have capabilities to go at depths of more than 300 meters. James Cameron has already set aside $8 million for using this particular trip to the Kermadec Tonga Trench. located north of New Zealand.

Virgin Oceanic Flying Club – As the name suggests, Virgin Atlantic submarine created by Sir Richard Branson, who is known for his extravagant style, and the demand for exploring opportunities never done so by man before. Branson is already making space tourism a reality, and now it’s exploring the deepest waters, including the deepest portion of the Marina Trench, which goes approximately 11 kilometers straight down. For this reason, the major part of this airline resembling submarine will have carbon fiber and platinum to create the crust which will bear the highest possible atmospheric pressure known. Other locations targeted by Sir Branson includes the Puerto Rico Trench, Diamantina Trench, South Sandwich Trench and the Molloy Deep, with the Puerto Rico Trench to be piloted himself.

With the earth and the moon being covered by us, the sea remains an unknown venture only revealing what we already know. But it won’t stop there. With the creation of these magnificent entrepreneurs, these exotic vehicles will take us to the unknown, eventually becoming a tourist tool to explore exotic places undersea, but does it ends there? What will the future hold for us? We can only guess that there will be a lot more. After all, our nature is to explore the unreachable and make it ours, so we will stay put and look forward to a world of sublime surprises.

Until then, Bon Voyage!



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