It doesn’t matter how much of a headphone junkie you are. Eventually, you’ll have to shut down the beats and set down the ‘phones, and that’s when the real wear & tear begins. Probably, like me, you’ll carelessly toss headphones worth hundreds of dollars into a busy desk drawer, where they will scratch, stretch and eventually tear just a little  more every day – every time you swing open that drawer, move stuff inside and then shut it. Of course, there’s always a better way.

In this case: HeadStand.

What’s great about the Rose Gold HeadStand is the limited edition status; only 499 were made to memorialize the so-called Apple + Beats “golden age” of technology.

But for me it’s not really about Apple + Beats or preventing preventable damage, though that’s all awesome. I’d love one of these just because I spent hundreds of dollars on a product that a top designer poured his heart and soul into, and it’s such a  shame to hide away my ‘phones in a desk or let them lie about in a mess my desktop. I can’t stand a messy desk!

My headphones feature a premium design by one of the World’s most modern audio-tech designers, after all. It should be on proud display, not hidden away. As a result, the Rose Gold HeadStand is the most unique and most striking way to do it. Only 499 were manufactured to memorialize this moment in tech history, and all 499 units are available at BrandsWalk.

DJ Hoodboi agrees. He tweeted the below photo to show how the headphone hanger completes his desk.I guess that means there is about 498 or so left, it would seem.


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