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Tamara Michelle Jewelry – Art Statements That Inspire

Tamara Hodges-Shepherd is the founder and visionary behind Tamara Michelle Jewelry; a fine jewelry collection that takes you on an emotional yet fashionable journey of self-expression and individuality. 

The beautiful and unique jewelry pieces Tamara creates are inspired by her deep love and passion for art, gemstones and all things unique. She feels that jewelry is an extension of who we are, and not only that but it also provides those around us with a glimpse of our creative beings.

Tamara Michelle Jewelry

From the start of her sketches to the finished product, Tamara focuses on how the piece of jewelry feels. She makes it come to life through the artistry of the design and the metaphysical properties of the stones. She carefully chooses each gemstone based on the energy they will bring the wearer, mirroring the art they reflect, cutting, shaping and polishing each stone to perfection. “Natural gemstones are not just beautiful, they help us feel more connected to our higher consciousness” said Tamara, and she carries this belief as well as positive energy into each piece she creates.

Tamara Michelle Jewelry

For several years now Tamara has manipulated metal and shaped each and every gemstone, creating one of a kind statement pieces with love, creativity and the kind of craftsmanship every women deserves.  Her decision to make everything by hand was heavily influenced by her father, a custom knife maker and artisan that passed down his gift for metal work to her.  The moment she melted her first bezel, she was hooked, she knew then that this was going to be what she would pursue for the rest of her life.  Her mother also played an important role, always encouraging her to follow her dreams as she wanted her children to appreciate and embrace their own creativity.

Tamara Michelle Jewelry currently has three collections which showcase her metal work in sterling and fine silver, 14k and 18k gold, and rare gemstones.  It is very important to Tamara that the materials she uses come from sources that follow fair trade practices, are conflict free, ethically sourced, and supporting local suppliers when possible. 

Tamara Michelle Jewelry

Her Modern Edge collection is perfect for the stylish women looking for fine jewelry with a fun and cool edge. The Abstract Art collection is for the woman with an art inspired soul, who desires individualism and artistic self-expressions, truly one of a kind statement pieces that inspire. Her Gemstone Art collection really captures the essence and style of each rare gemstone, featuring stunning, one of a kind, statement pieces and unusual gems reserved for the finest jewelers. 

Tamara Michelle Jewelry

As Tamara’s inspiration comes from art, her designs are always changing and she is forever growing as a jeweler, learning new skills and taking on new challenges.  In just a few months she will be heading to Oregon to take an in-depth course in gemstone cutting and faceting, opening up a whole new world of artistic design options.  Tamara also creates custom jewelry by request and is always up to the challenge of bringing your vision to life.

Tamara Michelle Jewelry

She wants to pass on more than jewelry pieces, she wants to inspire woman and make them feel confident in who they are as an artistic soul.  Tamara takes great pride in knowing each piece is unique, one of a kind, and only one beautiful person in this world has that original creation. Wassily Kandinsky and his Artistic philosophy taught her that it is not about what you see directly when you look at a piece of art, but what that art makes you feel. 

For more information, visit Tamara Michelle Jewelry at www.tamaramichellejewelry.com

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